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Beaches With Razor Clams

Beaches for Razor Clams can be found from Alaska to Northern California. But location maps are sometimes hard to find. Here you will find detailed maps and driving directions. Also, the ability to drill down onto the beach and see exactly where to go.

If this is your first time clamming the Seaside, Oregon this beach is a pretty good place to clam every year. With 2013 being exceptional. Ninety percent of the razor clams dug in Oregon are along an eighteen mile stretch of beach. From the south end of Seaside (starting at Tillamook Head), north to the Columbia River.

Clams can be found almost everywhere along the beach some spots are better then others. Each year shifting sands and the location of clam larva can effect where clamming will be best.

Commercial Clammer

The best way to determine where on a specific beach clamming is best is to watch and see where the locals go. As razor clammers generally congregate in groups where clams are being found. Try to spot a commercial clammer. That can be a good key indicator as they are searching out the best spots weekly. Use the map below to find a location and directions, then go back to the menu tab for a more specific map.