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Clamming Garb
Razor clamming is one of the least expensive family sports left. Even fishing today has license fees that can get expensive fast compared to the $10.00 Oregon Shellfish license

Clamming Garb can also be extremely affordable. Even some experienced clammers on a beautiful summer’s day find it hard to resist cutoffs and tennis shoes. Although, I would highly discourage bare feet (see photo on left), razor clams can be sharp, and an occasional piece of glass can be dangerous and ruin your family’s day quickly. 

Picture of Clamming Garb and Tools

Of course if you get serious about clamming, clamming garb becomes more of a necessity. Clamming is open in all seasons; so for example, on a winter’s night-time razor clam outing, you’ll want to be well prepared to be both safe and comfortable. Today there are lots of good choices, so whatever your budget, or family size, you don’t have to spend a lot to get out on the beach! The model (photo on right) shows some of the available clamming garb items. Luckily each item has both the budget conscious option, and options for someone that’s looking to buy an item that will last them a lifetime. The clamming shovel is a good example; they start for around $14, and for the stainless steel lifetime model you’ll have to put out around $100.

Where to Buy

Clamming garb is easy to find too, most any sporting goods store in major cities and coastal towns will have what you need; and even Fred Meyers and Rite Aids in coastal communities carry clamming garb seasonally. Online shopping is great to, especially for guys like me that need wader sizes that are not generally in stock.

You can locate a few recommended stores here:

All clamming prices are estimates only and prices will vary greatly from store to store. Most coastal communities have a hardware store that can make recommendations on what might fit your needs the best.