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Shellfish License and Regulations

General Information

Shellfish Licenses can be purchased at sporting goods stores, bait and tackle shops, and marinas anywhere in both states. In addition, if you’re at the coast you’ll find Shellfish Licenses right down the street at major department stores (like Rite Aids, Walgreen’s, etc.), some grocery stores, and many gas stations. Wherever you buy a shellfish license they should also have shovels, rakes for bay clamming, and clam guns as well.

  • A Shellfish License is Required.
  • Each Clammer Must Have a Shovel/Gun and a Container.
  • You Must Take Everything You Dig, No Mater How Small.
  • You Can Not Assist Others.
  • In Oregon at 12 Years Old You Need a License.
  • In Washington at 15 Years Old You Need a License.

Oregon Shellfish License Cost

The cost of a Oregon annual shellfish license is $10.00 for residents, $28 non-resident. There is also a three day non-resident license for $19.00.

Washington Shellfish License Cost

The cost of a Washington annual shellfish license is $17.40 for residents, $36.10 non-resident. There is also a 3 day resident and non-resident razor clam (only) license for $9.70.

Oregon Clamming Season and Daily Limits

Clamming is open all year on the Oregon Coast. However, razor clamming is not. Oregon rules state that razor clamming on Clatsop County beaches North of Tillamook Head (starting at south end of Seaside, Oregon) are closed July 15, thru September 30. That leaves everything south of Tillamook Head available all year long, no matter what type of clams your digging.

Shellfish License and Regulation

Washington Razor Clamming Seasons

Unlike Oregon the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife schedules open Razor Clamming dates a few weeks or a few months in advance. But these dates are generally tentative and can change. Almost always, a few days prior to a dig, biotoxin level tests are done again. Consequently, a scheduled opening can change the day of a planned dig. Be advised, this is not that much of an inconvenience for locals but can make things exceedingly difficult for visitors. Go here for the latest openings in Washington.

Be careful in Long Beach with the Razor Clam only license because it does not cover Oysters. Many people (including me) dig razor clams in the morning and then drive 15 minutes to Oysterville to harvest oysters as well. If you want to do that over just a couple days and you live out of state you will need to buy the $36.10 annual shellfish license.

Washington Bay Clamming Season

If your not a local you will need to do some web study at the WDFW website. Unfortunately, their website is not user friendly so this can be very time consuming. For shellfish there are 13 marine areas, with almost 400 sub areas. Each can have variations on biotoxin reports, openings and regulations. In their defense the area they manage is huge (includes Puget Sound). Click here to find regulations for your area of interest.


Everything on this site is an interpretation only of state, local, and federal rules. razorclamming.com and it’s contributors are not responsible for the accuracy of any information or for changing rules and any misrepresentations of any kind. If you are not sure, for more information on license and regulations always refer to: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife .

Always check shellfish safety with your States Department of Agriculture. Furthermore, the Departments of Agriculture works in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife which have collected and tested shellfish for toxins. As a result, the area your clamming in may, or may not, be open and safe. Razsorclamming.com accepts no responsibility for the safety of crabs, clams, and similarly for the consumption of any shellfish.

Washington 24 Hour Shellfish Safety Hotline
Phone: 800-562-5632
Alt Phone: 360-236-3330

Oregon 24 Hour Shellfish Safety Hotline
Phone: 800-448-2474
Alt Phone: 503-986-4728