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Recipes For Clams, Crabs, Oysters and Mussels.

Here is a list of “Chef Clamming Kenny’s” personal recipes, many recipes are family traditions that our family has been making for years. For example, “Grandma’s Bacon Fat Fried Razor Clams”! But there are also some new recipes that I just love! Like, “Fried Razor Clams With Thai Gastric Sauce!”

All are from “Chef Clamming Kenny’s kitchen.

Check back because this is just a start and I plan to be adding to this list frequently!

My family doesn’t like to waste a beautiful razor clam by putting it into a chowder. Or, use a cockle clam for steamer clams, way too tough and salty for us. Now with that said, many clammers, and great chefs don’t always agree with us. James Beard (a famous chef from Gearhart, Oregon) is a good example. When he lived in Gearhart, Oregon, he made his chowder from razor clams. You can find this in his cookbook and it’s a fantastic clam chowder. We just prefer to fry our razor clams because there is no better clam to fry in the world.

So… how to cook your clams is a personal preference. The chart below is how we like to use our clams. So if you’ve been doing it differently for years, you’re doing it right and please invite me over for dinner. But, if this is your first time clamming this chart could be helpful in deciding how to cook whatever species you have.