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Necanicum Estuary Map

Necanicum Estuary Map
  • Necanicum Estuary Offers Fishing, Bay Clamming and Crabbing.
  • Shore Crabbing at Bay Entrance and Off the 12th Street Bridge are Both Popular Spots!
  • One of the Best Razor Clamming Spots in the World!
  • Seaside, Oregon is a Great Place for Adults, Family’s and Kids!
  • Walk, Bike, Kayak, Golf, Surf, Hike, Shop, Clam, Crab, Bird Watch and more!
Seaside Oregon Necanicum River

Necanicum Estuary Access Points

The Necanicum River Estuary is located at the north end of Seaside, Oregon. There are three ways to gain easy access. For instance, 1) you can enter behind Seaside High School on Holladay Drive, and 2) 26th Ave and Neawanna Street or, 3) in Gearhart at the end of Wellington Ave. I prefer clamming the north end of the estuary by entering off Wellington Ave because the clams are more plentiful.

Necanicum Estuary Clams

South Shore Crabbing with Pole and Trap

Here you will find mostly Softshell Clams; however, you can find other evidence of other species as well (clam shells). For instance, Purple Varnish Clams. Clams here are easily dug with a small shovel, just look for small circular or oblong holes. After that, your limit should come in a short time.

Sand Shrimp

Also, there are many shows of Ghost Sand Shrimp and an occasional Blue Mud Shrimp. These are great for fishing bait but most fisherman pump Sand Shrimp down the street, so go just past after the Castle Restaurant at Hwy 101 and the Neawanna Estuary for Ghost Shrimp.


This estuary is frequently used for crabbing, both in the bay area, and as well as from the 12th Ave Street Bridge. Many people tie their crab pot to the 12th Ave Street Bridge and leave it there for a few days, or even a week, checking it a few times a day. 

12th Street Bridge, Crab Pots Tied to Rail Here

However, a better alternative is from the shore with a crab snare, crab max or trap with a fishing pole setup. I have had best results at the south side, of the mouth of the bay, near the entrance. Just go to the end of Franklin Street and you will find beach access just past the water treatment plant. There is also beach access at the end of N Columbia Street.

When To Go

The best crabbing is by boat in the bay. In addition, it is best when the water is salty, as crabs do not like to feed in fresh water. So, remember things like heavy rains drive fresh water out through the river and into the ocean. After a period of no rain, crabs are more available higher up in the estuary. Crabbing from a Low Tide to a High Tide will produce better results, as the ocean saltwater is pushed into the estuary. So remember, a low tide to a high tide, at the slack period, when the water is saltiest will achieve the best results.

Information provided is a result of personal experience at each bay or beach location. In addition, local residences providing input and advice, and ongoing information from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife websites.Information will change as incoming seas tend to shift and move sand, after that it makes it harder for clams to reproduce.So always check for current beach closures and advisories related to biotoxins, pollution or other human health concerns the same day you plan to harvest. Razorclamming.com is not responsible for the accuracy of this data and the outcome or results of your personal efforts, or safe consumption of shellfish.

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