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Bell Buoy, Seaside OR
Bell Buoy, Seaside OR

Bell Buoy Seaside Seafood Market

You caught two clams and need more, there is not a better place to go for razor clams in the Pacific Northwest. Our friends at the Bell Buoy are always ready to help the newcomer too. Since 1945, it just can’t be beat!

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Lots of resources here! Highly recommended for ensuring seasons are open, that there is not a closure due to shellfish high toxin levels (referred to as a red tide), buy your license online, etc.

Washington Department Fish and Wildlife

Highly recommended for ensuring seasons are open! That there is not a closure due to shellfish high toxin levels. Or buying your license online, etc.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Good location for tide table information. Be sure and select the correct tide tables, sometimes it’s hard to know which one is best. For example if you pick the Seaside Table data comes from the Necanicum river at 12th street, which is an hour later then the ocean tide. Our data came from NOAA Columbia River Washington North Jetty Tide table. The Beach at Seaside is about 8 minutes earlier then stated. Long Beach is about 10 minutes later. Beach Washington.

Long Beach Washington Clam Festival

In 1940, Wellington Marsh, Sr., and the people of Long Beach organized the first of many Clam Festivals. Consequently, thousands of visitors came out to the beach, dug their clams, enjoyed the delicious clam chowder, and sampled the “World’s Largest Clam Fritter”. Probably made in the “World’s Largest Frying Pan.’” Find Information for 2020 here.

Oregon and Washington Bar Reports

Go here for forecasts on Bars.