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Shellfish Seafood Bounty! I can’t remember how many mornings we’ve limited out on Razor Clams in Seaside, Oregon and then drove to Nehalem Bay to go crabbing (increasing our bounty). Take a look at the chart below, you can easily increase your daily seafood bounty! Anything that is less than an hour away provides a great opportunity to limit on both, or at least increase your take for the day!

Road Trip Table For Shellfish

In Long Beach, Washington, get your limit of Razor Clams in the morning on the north end of the Long Beach peninsula (that’s where the best and largest razor clams are anyway). Then it’s only a 16 minute drive from the west side of the peninsula to Oysterville, Washington, located on the east side of the peninsula; where you can limit out on Shellfish and Oysters… both before noon!

Open Razor Clamming Tides in Washington Frequently Change

Unlike Oregon the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife schedules open Razor Clamming dates a few weeks or a few months in advance. But these dates are generally tentative and can change. Almost always, a few days prior to a dig, biotoxin level tests are done again. Consequently, a scheduled opening can change the day of a planned dig. Be advised, this is not that much of an inconvenience for locals but can make things exceedingly difficult for visitors.

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Clam and Crab Biotoxin Testing

Always check shellfish safety with your States Department of Agriculture. Furthermore, your Department of Agriculture works in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife which have collected and tested shellfish for toxins. As a result, the area your clamming in may or may not be open and safe. Razsorclamming.com accepts no responsibility for the safety of crabs, clams, and similarly for the consumption of any shellfish.

Washington 24 Hour Shellfish Safety Hotline
Phone: 800-562-5632
Alt Phone: 360-236-3330

Oregon 24 Hour Shellfish Safety Hotline
Phone: 800-448-2474
Alt Phone: 503-986-4728