Netarts Bay Map

Netarts Bay Map
  • Netarts Bay is Oregon’s Sixth Largest Bay With Clams, Crabs and Fish.
  • Easy Access With Reliable Harvests Make This a Popular Spot.
  • High Levels of Salt Water in Bay is Perfect For The Reproduction of Shellfish.
  • Rent Crabbing Boats at Garden RV Resort and Big Spruce RV Park.
  • Cape Lookout State Park Provides Campsites and Beach Access.
Netarts Bay Clamming

Netarts Bay Clamming

Netarts Bay is about fifteen minutes southwest of Tillamook, Oregon. I continue to produce regular limits of clams here with almost any low tide; however, if you want to go for the giant Piddock or Geoduck clams you will need a tide better then -2.0. Although there are a number of species here, butter, softshell and gapers are more abundant; therefore, they are most often harvested.

Photos From A Recent Trip to Netarts Bay

You will need a shovel here for sure, guns work too, and a rake is optional. There is easy access to the clams and where they are is obvious, you will see many clam shows. Take a look at the picture above. See where after a jump on the sand, they all spit at you at the same time. To find the largest clams (even a Geoduck rumor has it) you will need a very low tide and go deeper into the bay.

Locations at Netarts Bay

Just take Netarts Bay Drive, past Netarts Bay Road. Then a half mile south is the entrance to the Whiskey Creek area. Here you will find roadside parking on the right hand side of the road. You can’t miss the area because there is a large Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife shellfish sign at the edge of the bay.


There is a boat ramp at the end of Netarts Bay road. Crabbing here is good, although some years are tougher then others depending on the weather. In addition, if your going to rent a boat call first, if crabbing is good you’ll need a reservation. Its also good to know if crabbing is poor since they might not be renting boats at all.

The jetties around the boat basin offer bank crabbing using rod and reel or crab max kind of set-ups. I’ve had good luck with this on many occasions. With a boat you’ll have access to both excellent bay crabbing and half of the clamming areas that can’t be reached on foot. You’ll find a good number of Purple Varnish Clams and Cockles on the East side of Cape Lookout Peninsula.


Information provided is a result of personal experience at each bay or beach location. In addition, local residences providing input and advice, and ongoing information from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife websites.  Information will change as incoming seas tend to shift and move sand, after that it makes it harder for clams to reproduce. So always check for current beach closures and advisories related to biotoxins, pollution or other human health concerns the same day you plan to harvest. is not responsible for the accuracy of this data and the outcome or results of your personal efforts, or safe consumption of shellfish.