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Oregon’s Unbelievable Coastline
Wa and Or State Maps for clams and crabs. I’m a native Oregonian and like many Oregonians I love the outdoor beauty of this state. I’ve been to almost every state in the U.S. and each has its unique qualities. But none come close to the Oregon experience. A low population with nature, mountains, rivers, lakes, bays, natural forests, and the ocean. I think all Oregonians (like me) have an inner sense of Oregon’s nature. No matter where I have lived out of state or visited, there was always a subtle, subliminal, tuning fork like vibration in my soul. But always, just a little bit off tune, which only Oregon’s nature can cure!
12 Oregon Bays
There are twelve notable Oregon Bays that offer a variety of clams and mussels to take (oysters in Oregon are only legal for commercial harvesting). Many of which, at the right tides, offer good potential to limit out in a reasonable time. However, there are four Oregon Bays that offer five or more of the popular Oregon bay clam species. (i.e., gaper, butter, cockle, littleneck, softshell and purple varnish). Most tenured clammers generally target butter, cockles and gaper clams. Which make these four favored bays popular. Some also have the prized razor clam, at or near, the bays entrance to the ocean.
Unique Attributes
Each of these bays has its own unique attributes. Some have the non-native purple varnished clam readily abundant, which can be great fun to dig and you can keep up to seventy-two of them (kids love digging these). Other bays might be in close proximity or offer larger clams and an abundance of your favorite species. Most have easy access by car or truck. Some can have easy access by car and also offer boat launches where you can get to areas by boat less frequented.

As a plus, when your done clamming, most all Oregon bays offer great crabbing too. Access to crabs can be by boat, from a dock or by the shore. Many bays have marina’s that rent boats and everything else you need to crab!

Even though the favored four bays are all great, the others can be just as awesome! Some of the less frequented bays and areas that require boat access, can offer a better abundance of clams, too. It just depends on your own personal preferences on location, species, abundance and other desired excursions for the day. Fortunately, in Oregon, you have a lot to choose from.